It All Started With Flowers Posted on 23 Jul 11:56 , 0 comments

We bought Grosbeak Gardens in 2005. We focused all of energy in 2006 to work inside--decorating, painting, redoing the floors. In 2007, we started working on the outside. And we started with the flowerbeds. There were overgrown beds at the back, front, and one side of the house. The plantings consisted mostly of 1 huge bearded iris, hostas, a rhubarb plant, a tiger lily, and 2 ornamental pines. Taking advice from some locals, we bought a bunch of perennials, including bee balm, hellenium, phlox, columbine, coneflower, delphinium, and poppies. We also bought lupine, which we were warned to avoid. During the spring of 2007, we replanted the existing beds, dug up and replanted the iris in a new bed by the garage, and created a new bed on the other side of the house for the lupine. And for the most part, the flowers have been hugely successful. The picture on the left is how the garden looked when we planted. The picture on the right is how it looks now. You see everything has really filled in, including that lonely tiger lily on the right. There are now 7 individual plants and probably 50 buds bursting. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting photos of the flower gardens as they bloom. GbG Stephen