Garden Update - Week of July 16-22 Posted on 24 Jul 11:55 , 0 comments

Bill laid out the 43 red onions that we harvested this week on a table to dry, but  all I could smell was the one head of garlic we also pulled this week lying alongside its fellow bulbs. The trick with onions is to pick them when the tops fall over. Some of the onions were a nice size and some were small, almost like a shallot. But 43! And plenty of yellow onions ready to go next week. It’s a good thing dried onions keep for a long while! We also picked our first tomatoes of the year. And not just any tomatoes. Healthy, ripe, beautiful tomatoes. So far it’s just 5 gorgeous yellow cherry tomatoes. But in past years, we might have picked 5 healthy tomatoes the whole year. The rest were rotting on the vine. And finally, we harvested beets this week (not our first beets of the season, but the most so far). Anyone have any good beet recipes?