The Birth of Our Logo Posted on 10 Aug 09:39 , 0 comments

For my birthday in 2011, I opened a box that Stephen had given me containing 2 ceramic coffee mugs. To be honest, I was a bit confused, as we had plenty already, and Stephen looked rather excited as I opened them. As I turned them over, I noticed a round black picture with the words "Grosbeak Gardens. Callicoon Center, NY."
The real gift was our wonderful logo, and the coffee mugs were just a way of displaying it. Over the past year, this logo truly become a symbol for our home. Visitors have received gifts with it, from T-shirts for Stephen's nieces to tote bags for other family members. Stephen also set it up as an icon on the iPhone, as I mentioned on Facebook. The latest use is our new flag, waving proudly in the front of the house. It was a very thoughtful gift!
GbG Bill