Garden Update - Week of August 13-19 Posted on 22 Aug 06:20 , 0 comments

When we arrived at Grosbeak Gardens, Bill and I were so excited to see how are tomatoes were doing that we completely missed what had happened to our corn. For the first time in 4 years, our defense had been breached. A seven foot fence may keep the deer out, but it won’t hold back the raccoons. All the corn stalks had fallen over and 5 ears of corn had been eaten. Our planned harvest of 11 ears was down to 6. But they were excellent nonetheless. Cleaning up after the raccoons, we noticed that we had more eggplant than we had originally thought. Two more, actually. It was a silver lining to the cloud of lost corn. Our tomato plants looked rather sad, too, but that was because they were burdened with fruit. We eased that burden by harvesting dozens of red, yellow, and red and yellow tomatoes, including the most perfect roma tomatoes I have ever seen. I’m breaking out the food mill this week and saucing those for sure. We’ve also started harvesting our scallions. Like our red and yellow onions, this is the best year we’ve had for green onions. And you can keep those that you find in the grocery store. These are more pungent and tastier than anything I've ever found in any produce aisle. Finally, the bush beans and spinach that Bill planted last week are growing fast. Good thing, too; it’s just two and a half months or so until our likely first frost! GbG Stephen