You Win Some, You Lose Some Posted on 25 Aug 18:24 , 0 comments

I learned early in the process that a garden is more than just planting what you want and watching it grow. I was quickly overwhelmed by the research and information that we discussed in planning our very first plantings four summers ago. I had big dreams of squash, beans, peppers, eggplants, broccoli, and cabbage. But the research told me something my dreams didn't expect. Cabbage, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts like it cool, while peppers, eggplant, and basil like it hot. As the reality sank in, I became disappointed with having to redefine success. A good year for peppers usually means a bad year for broccoli.
This year, as with every other garden year, we "hedged our bets" when we planted. The hot summer has given us the biggest eggplant and pepper plants we've ever had. The Brussel sprouts started out gang busters and then fizzled. Though we have some pea-sized (and growing) sprouts on the stalks, they won't match our first-year harvest. That bonanza made us think these mini-cabbages were the easiest plant in the world to grow!
Despite the incident with the falling corn stalks, we did manage to get 5 eggplant from just 2 plants. We've had years when we've managed 0 eggplant from 5 plants, so I would say this year was successful. We'll plant them again next year. But still, with all the heat, we have to finally accept that the Catskills are not a good area for peppers. What starts as such high hopes in May can lead to disappointment in August.
Now, who wants squash? You will never see a post about those plants not producing....
GbG Bill