Weekend Baking Posted on 27 Aug 05:05 , 0 comments

Last week we were in Frenchtown, NJ, and we visited a bakery called Eat Cake (as in “let them eat cake,” a fitting name for its location). We had a nice talk with the owner and I marveled over her puff pastry creations. I decided I had to give that flaky feat of baking another shot. I used a Martha Stewart recipe that promises 729 layers of flaky pastry (as in 3 layers of dough rolled 6 times or 3 to the 6th power). It’s not a hard process. It’s just time consuming. From start to end, it’s about5 hours, requiring the above-mentioned folding and rolling  hourly for the last three hours. Still, the dough is easy to work with. Using only a third of what I created (and freezing the other two-thirds) , I made Grosbeak Garden Veggie Turnovers using zucchini, scallions, onion, and tomato from the garden. But why stop at just one baking project for the weekend? Why not a tart using more tomatoes from the garden? And how about sourdough baguettes (a process I started on Saturday and finished on Sunday morning). “And, hey,” Bill wondered aloud, “if you’re baking, why not some of your Cocoa Crème Cookies?” Why not? My ulterior motive was to test myself. Could I do all this baking and not drive myself crazy. Though I see ways in which I could have been more efficient, the answer is YES. Next week is a long weekend. Who knows what’ll come out of the kitchen in 3 days?