Making Up For Lost Veggies Posted on 05 Oct 06:39 , 0 comments

This spring, we hedged our bets, planting both warm-weather and cool-weather loving plants.  The warm-weather plants won. The Brussels sprouts did not.
Last weekend, we took one of our favorite drives to a  huge farm stand in Schoharie County. For only $10, we walked away with 20 stalks of lovely marble-sized Brussels sprouts, yielding well over 1,000 of those jade beauties.
The next morning we processed them for freezing, which is an easy task but daunting on this scale. Blanch for three minutes, shock in an ice bath to stop the cooking process,  dry, and bag.
All of this work does have a purpose. By blanching the Brussels sprouts, you kill the enzymes that help them ripen. If we had frozen them without blanching, they would have lost color and flavor.
We love roasted Brussels sprouts, so we are not sure how long they will last. And while it is disappointing to not have our own, the farm stand sprouts will last for months and save us a lot of cabbage at the grocery store.