Comfort, Grosbeak Gardens style Posted on 18 Dec 12:46 , 0 comments

IMG_1086 Bill and I disagree on this, but I love snow. I wouldn't mind spending a whole Saturday afternoon inside and watching it snow. And what better way to enjoy a snow day than with some hot cocoa and marshmallows? And not just any hot cocoa and marshmallows, but home made hot cocoa and marshmallows. Store bought hot cocoa is fine. Bill particularly likes Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate, which has a nice cayenne kick to it. I, on  the other hand, go for something with a more complicated flavor. So when I set out to create a hot cocoa blend, I thought about what goes well with chocolate? Well, coffee for one. And then I asked, what goes well with coffee? Cinnamon. Though cinnamon and chocolate are not a new pairing, I don't think I've ever had cinnamon in hot cocoa. I also wanted to take it one step further. I love the taste of malted milk balls, so why not use malted milk powder? With a recipe and mind, I gathered up my ingredients and produced a unique homemade hot cocoa. That was easy. But what about the marshmallows? I never stopped to think of what was in those store bought cylindrical marshmallows. Probably best I don't know. Homemade marshmallows contain only 5 ingredients: water, gelatin, salt, sugar, and corn syrup. Between heating, whipping, and setting, it's a 24-hour process to make them, but well worth it. So with homemade hot cocoa and marshmallows waiting, when are we getting that snowstorm? GbG Stephen