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August 2006 house 001 I had a silly rule to not buy furniture before we actually owned Grosbeak Gardens. In August, 2005, several weeks before closing, we drove to our new town for antiquing. We got very excited when we saw a beautiful midcentury bar. Its blue Formica top, dog bone accents, and three stools fit right in with our passion for that design era. I didn’t buy it, but called the antique store to inquire two days later. It had sold an hour after we left. I learned the number one rule of antiquing: BUY IT NOW. The loss of that piece set me on a mission. I was going to find another bar just like it. Finally, after a full year, something came up on eBay.. The bar was in great shape and the price was right, but there was a catch. It was in Tampa and I had to get it to Grosbeak Gardens. Coordinating the move would be complicated and expensive. As the dread of losing a second bar loomed, I was struck with an idea. The auction ended on Sunday, and I had a meeting in Atlanta on Thursday. Was I crazy to think about driving? Would it fit in my car?  Then I remembered rule number one. I made the only bid and won. On Wednesday, after work, I drove south, enjoying the Smoky Mountains along the way. On Thursday, I continued to Tampa. Friday morning, I arrived at a senior community, home of the seller, to collect the bar. The owner, a lovely lady who was almost sad to see the bar go, gave me my next challenge. She was unwilling to help me lift the bar. But when I suggested that we ask a neighbor for help, she became skittish at the thought of bothering anyone. I don’t know if it was my cheerful resolve or the dozen doughnuts I brought her, but eventually, she relented and helped me load the bar.  By Saturday, this amazing antique became the centerpiece of our lounge. Patience, luck, gas, and adhering to the number one rule are critical tools in the hunt for antiques! GbG Bill