Garden Update—Week of May 27-June 2 Posted on 05 Jun 06:25 , 0 comments

IMG_1115 IMG_1118 IMG_1122 IMG_1125 "It's like watching grass grow" implies something that's moving slowly. I want to borrow that and come up with a new saying that implies something that's moving quickly. "It's like watching potatoes grow." We planted potatoes for the first time this year. And I swear, the plants I saw in the garden on Saturday afternoon were bigger than the plants I saw Saturday morning. It might be because both Friday and Saturday (and Sunday) were warm days. In fact, everything seems to be moving along nicely. The squash, green onions, cukes, and beans have finally broken through the soil. The shelling peas have flowers. I harvested a gallon-sized bag of lettuce. And we have two tomatoes on plants hardly big enough to support them. I'm looking forward to getting back to Grosbeak Gardens this weekend and see how much things have changed. I'm sure it will be like watching potatoes grow! GbG Stephen