Shea Butter--My Essential Oil Posted on 04 Jul 08:50 , 0 comments

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 2.19.48 PM I spent many months creating my perfect bar of soap. I've already discussed hardness, moisturiziung and lather, and how there needs to be a balance between the three. And that balance came when I found shea buter. Well, actually, it was my sister who mentioned it. I was telling her about how my experments are going, and she told me what she loves in soaps, and shea butter was high on her list. It turns out that shea butter does double duty. As a butter, it is solid at room temperature and adds hardness. But it is moisturizing because it is high in unsaponifiables. Yes, I had the same reaction when I saw that word the first time. Unsaponifiables are oils in the butter that do not react with the lye. So these oils remain free and are able to act as moisturizers. By replacing some of the coconut oil with shea butter in my formula, I balanced hardness and moisturizing with a touch of luxury. I take a lot of pride in my soap, and I hope the shea butter is something everyone will enjoy. GbG Bill