A Different Kind of Hemp High Posted on 20 Aug 05:53 , 0 comments

Hemp Seed Oil There are so many options for me as I am creating my soaps. I’ve already talked about shea butter, with its silky smooth feel (one enthusiastic customer said it “feels like lotion in a bar!”). One other oil I have found to be important is hemp seed oil. I was hesitant to use it at first. For some, cannibas is a dirty word, and I didn’t want people to get a misunderstanding about my soap. It turns out you get a different kind of high from hemp seed oil--as in high in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin E. These provide nutrients and moisture to the skin. Recalling the three essentials of a good bar of soap, it  doesn’t add any hardness or lather, so I use it in place of some of the olive oil in my formulas. And that green color is fun to play with! Taking advantage of it, we use hemp seed oil in the Rosemary, Green Apple, and Tomato Leaf bars. It actually is easy to be green! GbG Bill