Apple Month at Grosbeak Gardens - Recipes by the Bushel Posted on 15 Sep 21:18 , 0 comments

Apple frittersBBQ sauce ChutneyScreen Shot 2013-09-08 at 7.35.23 PMApple slaw Chicken apple sausage We've been really busy celebrating Apple Month at Grosbeak Gardens. If you're following us on Facebook, you've seen pictures of all of our creations. The month started with some delicious apple fritters. And while deep frying can cause quite a mess in the kitchen, we loved the light, soft, and sweet puffs. We followed the fritters with apple barbecue sauce, which paired wonderfully with pulled pork we made in the smoker. The first week of apple month ended with an experiment - baked egg custard and bread in apple cups. I am sure I could have found a recipe on line, but I decided to wing it. Scooping out the apples was easy with a melon baller, and a touch of vanilla to the custard added a nice sweetness and complemented the apples well. Our next projects put Stephen to work, first with apple snickerdoodles made with boiled cider, then chicken apple sausage, which had chardonnay in it. The wine rounded out the flavors and gave an easy pairing at dinner! As we head into the second half of apple month, we have even more choices in front of us. I've been on Pinterest quite a bit and found some great ideas! Apple slaw and apple chutney were on this weekend's to-do list. And who knows what the next 15 days will bring? Happy apple-ing! GbG Bill Follow us on Facebook  and Pinterest!