Unique Spice Blends - What the Grosbeak Gardeners Love Posted on 15 Oct 12:53 , 0 comments

Spice mixes I am a big fan of The Splendid Table. It has been on for many years, but I discovered it about two years ago. On the show, Lynne Rosetto Kasper has guests that all touch food in different ways. It's not a cooking show, but a lifestyle show. On a recent episode, Lynne spoke to the owner of La Boîte a Epice, a fabulous spice shop on 11th Avenue in NYC. Being local, I paid a visit. The shop is very small and doubles as an art gallery. I was completely overwhelmed when I got there, but the friendly staff navigated me through. I ended up buying four mixes that reflect four distinct regional cuisines - Turkish, Middle Eastern, Thai, and Mexican. And I love integrating them with what we normally cook. I've also finished dishes with them, adding the spice right before I serve. These fragrant flavorful mixes have brought braised chicken, poached fish, grilled pork, and even omelets to new levels of deliciousness. And now that fall is here, I'm sure they'll play a supporting role in stews and curries. Maybe we should even consider a "Stew Month" and really have fun pushing the limits of these spices! GbG Bill See also Original Fish Artwork Infused Balsamic Vinegar