What’s In The Cookie Jar, Part XI Posted on 08 Dec 14:54 , 0 comments

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 12.34.48 PM As I mentioned in WITCJ, Part I, I bought a bunch of cookbooks when I went to New Zealand after having a cookie called a Melting Moment (delicious!). Now when I go somewhere different, I’m on the lookout for cookies (and cookbooks if they're in English) that are popular in the place I'm visiting. And I like to share what I find. In Copenhagen, I found that Danish cookies tend to be more spice than sugar. Two such cookies are Danish Peppernut cookies and Speculaas, which enjoy popularity in Germany was well as in Scandinavian countries. The peppernut cookies are easy: mix, roll, bake. Speculaas are a bit more difficult. They are molded cookies that you then brush with milk and bake on a bed of slivered almonds. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right molds for the job, but I decided to make the cookies and cut them out. As for sharing, while I was in Copenhagen, I went to a street fair and bought gorgeous little boxes that would be perfect for the annual cookie exchange in work. Alas, the cookie exchange was postponed and I won’t be there for it (I'l be in Stockholm sampling Swedish cookies). Now I have these boxes for another use. If fellow cookie exchangers are reading this, maybe this is a sneak preview of what is coming next year. GbG Stephen See also: What’s In The Cookie Jar I-X Index Like us on Facebook!