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Frank, Tom, Jenny, Emma. Our friends?

No, these are the names of wall hooks. Yes, WALL HOOKS! I'm not talking about those annoying picture hangers that Stephen and I struggle with every time we buy a new piece of art. I'm talking about something that is itself art. It's a wall hook you wouldn't want to hide.

Frank Hooks, the company that reimagined what might seem uninspiring, has been around since 2012. And with a little creativity they saw something more than a utilitarian home staple. They saw animals--cats, dogs, elephants, and rabbits.

But don't let the cuteness of these hooks fool you. They're strong, able to hold up to 50 pounds. If our backyard bunnies were that strong, we'd be doing our gardening for them and not us!

Their colorful, whimsical appearance makes them perfect for kids' rooms. And for kids at heart. I bought Frank the bunny for my nieces and one for myself!

What we love about Frank Hooks:

They're whimsical

 They're clever

They're unique

They're a gift that will make people smile

Find Frank and his friends at

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