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 Over the years, we've redefine the word "souvenir." Yes we buy magnets, but we've also brought home clothes pins from New Zealand, original fish art from Vienna, Copenhagen, and Maine, and tons of travel-inspired cookie recipes, but our mementos also include three exceptional wines we've enjoyed while away.

The first is one we had in LeMarche, Italy. It's called a Verdicchio because of the little green grapes that make this wonderful white and that the wine itself is also a little green. We had it almost every night at the B&B where we were staying.

The second is a red called Lacrima di Morro d'Alba. The name comes from the "tears" that seem to fall from the grapes as they ripen on the vine. The brothers that run the winery were fun to talk to, and didn't seem to mind that we visited on a Sunday and woke them from a nap.

And the third wine is new for us. It's a pinot noir from New Zealand vintners Esk Valley Winery. I came upon it while there, and was happy to learn it was served on the long return flight, giving me the opportunity to savor nearly a full bottle as we headed East. It's a much lighter wine than the Lacrima, and it's easy to drink. Every time I see it in my cellar I have such great memories of our NZ trip.

Loving these wines so much meant finding them here after the bottles I "imported" were gone. And that wasn't easy. After 3 years, I finally found a distributor for the Italian wines in California (of all places), and I went right to the source for the New Zealand wine. That effort and time should give you a clue as to how much I enjoy them. Every sip brings back happy memories of gorgeous places.

Do you have a "travel wine" that brings back memories or you've gone out of your way to find once stateside? Drink up and share your stories!

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