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Queenie, a barred rock hen, one of our flock of 11.

We knew things would be different when we moved to Vermont. More space for a garden, new areas to explore, and great cheese and beer to sample. And since our new house has a barn, we knew that chickens would be in our future. The future turned out to be Day 1. They came with the house, and taking care of them has already been great fun.    

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From left to right: Eager Tan, Curious Blondie, and Colonel, the most coy of our ladies.

Like any animal, each hen has her own personality. Some, like Tan, come running to see you right away, clucking and begging for corn. Others, like Queenie and Whiskers, like to keep their distance. Blondie is so curious and just loves to peck at the snow on our shoes. And our 11 hens are giving us about 4-6 eggs a day. That might not sound like a lot, but production is usually slower in the winter, and imagine having someone deliver a half dozen eggs every day, without end. We are already coming up with excuses to use them, and we haven't even started making custards. Needless to say, every visitor gets a dozen, whether they want them or not.


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And we've spoiled them already. We just can't help but throw them treats every time we go to the barn, but the other day, they stopped eating the regular feed. This concerned us greatly, until we read that the first thing to do is to stop with the treats. They'll eventually go back to the regular feed. It doesn't look like they're happy about it, but they'll live.

And as they continue to eat, they keep giving us the best garden fertilizer!

GbG Bill

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