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No, we're not headed to Canada, but staying right at home. And since Vermont has the highest number of breweries per capita, why would we need to leave to have great craft beer?

I've enjoyed Long Trail and Harpoon for years, but it wasn't until we moved to Vermont that I started really exploring all the great beers in my new home state. And the Vermont Brewers Association makes it easy to find these brews with their Passport.

Go to a brewery listed on their map, sample beer, get a stamp. So far, I've visited just a few, starting with Zero Gravity in Burlington. I spent quite a lot of time talking to the bartender, whose personal favorite is Bretthead, an IPA with brettanomyces yeast. It had a unique yeasty flavor that wasn't really for me. Not to fret. I did bring home a 64-ounce growler of the TLA IPA - not too hoppy with a citrus finish. Much more my style!

My next two stamps came on a road trip with Stephen. We went to the Middlebury area and hit Drop-In Brewery and Bobcat Café & Brewery. At Drop-In, I sampled five beers and took some IPA home (again). 

The beer menu at the Bobcat Café included the line "Ask about our bourbon barrel beer." So I did. Years ago, the brewers put beer in several casks that were originally used for bourbon and apparently, they forgot. When they rediscovered the casks, they realized they'd created a beer that tastes like chocolate bourbon. I was both disappointed and grateful when the bartender said they don't sell growlers. Bourbon beer would have made for a fun evening and a horrible morning.

I'm looking forward to continuing my exploration to breweries with great names like Lost Nation, 14th Star, and Prohibition Pig. The 30 breweries are scattered about the state, so it's easy to sample beer, see waterfalls, and stroll quaint towns all in one trip. You know what else I love about discovering all these beers? Discovering all the great Vermont cheeses they go with!

You can see all the participating breweries and download your passport at                      


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